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Welcome to my first official newsletter. Let me just cut right to the chase and say that these newsletters will not try to sell you anything. They will not contain things that will cost you money. They will not be too wordy, and they will improve over time. If you have not already added us on social media you may want to, I love sharing great articles and helpful bits of info as I come across them.

I will be writing a weekly Monday morning blog post, these will generally be a rant that may make you feel as thought you’ve just watched a Rick Mercer rant or some weekly inspiration to get you through the winter blahs.

You can find this mornings blog on “Letting Go of Controlling The Outcome” here:

As busy entrepreneurs, parents, partners, bosses, hockey coaches and every other role we play in our lives – it is super important to stop, breathe and take a time out a few times a day for ourselves. I am a big subscriber to Mindfulness, have taken several Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses and completed several retreats. I have a daily practice I am committed to and I cannot tell you enough how making this a part of my life has helped to improve my life, both personal and business, over all.


I realize that a daily practice may not be where you are at, but I encourage you to play and experiment with this in your life. One app that is free and I particularly like because you can do this as a family before bed, before school with your kids, on your own at your desk with a headset, out in the forest – wherever you can have 5 minutes to stop, close your eyes and breathe.


If your wheels are spinning too fast you’re no good to anyone, not your clients, your family or most importantly, yourself. This is an excellent tool, and as I mentioned it is a free download to most smart phones:


Download Here:

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I love to read. I can’t imagine a world without books. I love nothing more than a great memoir or biography. I have a long, long, long list of great business books, self help books, inspirational stories that I have read over the years and I love to share my books. While I can’t physically share my personal library with all of you I thought just giving some suggestions would be a good start. These newsletters will come out once a month, each month I will give you a book title that I suggest you take time to read. These books are very popular and I have no doubt you can find them at your local library.


The first book I am suggesting you read is “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.” This book has nothing to do with being entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter who you are, what your pay scale is, what your position is or what you think you know about money. This book really has not a whole lot to do with money and yet it is a financial literacy book of sorts, it really should be the psychology section of the library.


Just take my word for it and read it. It’s a short easy read and I guarantee you will take something away from it.

Thank you for subscribing, I’m looking forward to improving this newsletter before our March roll out. Until then, enjoy the day, make it a great month and happy reading!





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