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Who Are We For?

Who Are We For?

I’ve come to realize that two things about entrepreneurship over the years. The first is that no matter how much you have in the bank, what kind of car you drive, all of your past accolades, knowledge and passion – you are just as close to the next guy to losing it all in a flash. There are just too many variables and moving parts when you are the owner of a business to ever really truly feel secure.

The second is that to be an entrepreneur you really do have to be a bit crazy. People joke about this, but there is much truth to this.I’m not saying you should never get to a place of no anxiety or peace of mind. You most certainly should. When you first start a company and are fully working ‘in’ your business rather than ‘on’ your business there is a lot of anxiety, sleepless nights, so many unknowns and as time goes on a little voice of resentment slowly starts to show up asking, “what happened to my dream? The idea of turning what I love to do into a way to create an income? I didn’t think it would be this hard, lonely, long hours, that I would have no life…” Sound familiar? The more you work towards your dream the more burnt out you get until you wake up and realize, “somethings gotta give…I can’t keep going like this.” That’s where I come in.

There should at some point be a time that comes in your business (realistically by year five) where you know that in order to get to the ‘dream’ you once had you must start building your team (notice I didn’t say hiring – we’ll talk about that too) or you will always stay exactly where you are. And staying here has given you a ‘job’ but not created a business that will be something you can sell and walk away from with a nice retirement sum in your pocket.

This venture for me is really about taking all of the, “Oh man, I wish I knew this 9 years ago, I would have saved so much money…” and helping you save time and money making the same mistakes that all entrepreneurs early in their careers make (or some continue to make for 20 years wondering why they have the same issues every year).

I’d love to help you get sorted, to take your list of things that make you worry or the ‘how to’ questions you may have and help find you an answer.

Worse case scenario you spend money on the first session and you don’t see this working, best case scenario we work out great and you save yourself a lot of stress, money, time away from your friends, family and lifestyle you intended to have years ago when you started out on this journey.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon, answers to your questions are welcome and complimentary.

Kind regards,

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