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About Us

Who We Are
virginia hastings

Who I Am

I am a successful seasoned entrepreneur
with wisdom to share.

I advise and mentor individuals who are serious about progressing in their chosen line of work, with an eye on improving their quality of life & their bottom line.

Work less, earn more, live better. Our specialized brand of coaching is tailor-made for people who have created a business,gained some experience, and are ready to progress to the next level of success—where they no longer feel the threat of extinction and where they transform from frazzled and burnt-out to remarkably stable, in spite of whatever chaos surrounds them on any given day.

I believe in your potential to turn your job into a growing business that affords you the lifestyle you intended.

You want to leave the office at 2pm to take a yoga class? Or simply make it home for dinner with your family for a change? I’ll help you make that happen. You want to sell your business in 10 years and do something different? I can help you create a solid exit plan, too.

For those times where the support you need is outside of my area of expertise, I will work with you and one of our expert advisors and coaches, who have skill strengths in everything from business strategy to marketing, human resources, life coaching, money coaching and personal therapy.

I encourage mindfulness as a way of becoming more aware of your thought patterns. What are some misperceptions that keep holding you back? How could you respond differently to be more effective in your work and relationships?

Along the way, I promise to:

  • Hold you accountable to your values & your goals
  • Encourage you to dedicate & rededicate yourself
  • Empower you with tools for facing challenges consciously
  • Remind you of your gifts & show you how to harness them
  • Support you turning your goals into a sustainable reality
Virginia Hastings

Who I Am Not

No one can be all things to all people.

Anyone who claims that they can, shouldn’t be trusted. If you identify with any of the following, I may not be a good match:

  • Workaholics who don’t think they have a problem and aren’t open to exploring other ways of getting it done
  • Individuals who aren’t seriously committed to improving and are not willing to do the homework
  • People who refuse to believe that entrepreneurs are capable of ‘turning off’ and living a balanced life
  • Misguided business owners who would sooner starve than have anything less than 100% control
  • Owner-operators whose fear resigns them to ‘playing small’ rather than envisioning greater success
  • Anyone who stubbornly persists in trying to find shortcuts to  wealth (in finance, relationships, etc.)

I believe that peace of mind and profit can and should go hand in hand. Losing sleep over your business is not a way of life, but a result of poor time management skills, lack of organizational systems and skills, a reluctance to delegate, or the misbelief that you are the one and only person capable of running your business.

I am here to serve those who have learned that chasing shortcuts is not only a waste of time, but counterproductive. I am here for the hardworking, the visionary and the authentic individual of integrity who needs help to reach the next level of personal and professional accountability. Identifying unfulfilled potential sometimes requires an objective eye.

about us

Why Virginia?

Think of me Like your ideal personal trainer.

I’m real, positive, friendly and singularly focused on YOU. I take great care in getting to know you and your situation and won’t brush over the details – you can trust that you are receiving the highest quality attention and expertise at all times.

You’ll benefit first and foremost from my highly personalized support. Plus, backing me up are the carefully polished gemstones of business relationships I have been developing for over 14 years. Join me and you join my network of professionals of the utmost integrity, with expertise in:

Business Strategy and Finance; Human Resources; Marketing; Facelifts to Existing Business Platforms (web/copy/photo/video); Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction; Life Coaching; Personal Therapy and Counselling; Self Care; Nutrition and Wellness; Addictions Therapy

In such a diverse group of capable people, it won’t be hard for me to find the perfect match for you in terms of personality and style.