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How We Can Help You


I believe in the benefits of personalized coaching. One-on-one coaching provides my clients with a more tailored and focused experience, allowing them to address their specific goals and challenges in a more individualized manner.


The services I offer are designed to help individuals break free from the constraints of their traditional work schedules, improve their overall quality of life where they no longer feel trapped by trading their time for money.


Real Estate investing is the one asset class that builds solid wealth and weathers the storms of the market. But it is worth the investment upfront to hire someone who has been there, already made the mistakes, learned from them and has knowledge and skills to share. 


I can easily say, “that is where I come in,” and I hope it is. However if you choose not to work with me – please find yourself a good mentor who is an active real estate investor – the money you invest will save you a lot of money, stress and risk. 

    • Life Audit: Virginia begins by conducting an audit of your current life and comparing it to the life you desire. This step helps identify your goals and aspirations, creating a clear vision for your future.
    • Goal Setting and Planning: She helps you create a solid plan to achieve your real estate goals. This plan likely includes financial targets, investment strategies, and timelines for reaching milestones.
    • Real Estate Knowledge: Virginia ensures that you gain the necessary knowledge to understand what constitutes a solid real estate deal. This education is essential for making informed investment decisions.
    • Timing Strategies: She explores when it’s the right time to buy real estate investments and when it’s time to exit. Market timing can significantly impact investment outcomes.
    • Due Diligence: Virginia teaches you how to perform your own due diligence on potential real estate deals. This includes evaluating property values, assessing risks, and understanding market conditions.
    • Insider Insights: She provides insights that real estate agents may not disclose about multifamily deals. This inside knowledge can give you an advantage in negotiations and decision-making.
    • Financial Analysis: Virginia helps you run the numbers on potential deals and walks you through the financial aspects of real estate investments. This includes assessing cash flow, ROI, and other financial metrics.
    • Accountability: She holds you accountable to your real estate goals, helping you stay on track and motivated throughout your investment journey.
    • Coaching and Mentorship: Virginia serves as a non-judgmental coach, guiding you to the next level of success in real estate investing. Her role is to teach, support, and empower you.
    • Gradual Independence: Her ultimate goal is to empower you to the point where you no longer need her help because you’ve gained the knowledge and confidence to navigate the real estate market independently.
    • Network Access: Virginia leverages her extensive network to connect you with experts when needed. This ensures you have access to specialized knowledge and advice.Virginia’s coaching services are comprehensive and focused on helping individuals achieve their real estate goals.

My commitment to you is to help you achieve your real estate goals while

building your knowledge and confidence in the field.



Sometimes all you need is a coffee with someone to pick their brain. Other times you need a professional in your court to help you stay accountable month over month. Sometimes you just need a second set of eyes on a deal to help with your due diligence. I have created the below packages but I am also open to customizing to your needs – just ask.





Consider this your ‘phone a friend’ package. This package allows you to email me with quick questions on the fly. Stumped  with how a certain tax loophole works? Can’t find the Canadian terms for something on Google? Your lender has completely confused you? Send me an email and I promise to do my best to answer the same day.





1 hour sessions booked as needed

($200 per session)

Custom-designed tasks to work on in between sessions

In our intake session together we will discuss your goals, challenges, knowledge gaps and where you are wanting to expand. These one on one sessions are empowering, will keep you on track and accountable and because they are specifically designed for you, you will benefit from the dedicated individual sessions.





(quote given on total investment before we start)

Custom-designed tasks to work on in between sessions

Take advantage of Virginia’s experience, analytical thinking and massive value she can bring to performing the Due Diligence on your  next deal. Until you get to a certain stage of your real estate journey – this is some of the best money you can spend on your coach. This is where you make or break, thrive or dive and also where you will learn an immense amount of knowledge in real estate investing.





No commitment

(Starting at $500)

Call to book Walkthrough

Lets walk your potential deal together (virtually or in person). As a seasoned real estate investor I have a lot of knowledge and experience to bring to the table when it comes to what to look for, how to quickly crunch your numbers and figure out your potential CAP rate on the fly.  What makes a good sale for a real estate agent and what makes a good investment for you are two very different things. In my experience over the last 20 years, real estate agents don’t typically understand what makes a good multifamily real estate investment.