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Tara Kinden

Tara Kinden

Tara Kinden

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Virginia for many years now as a trusted advisor and mentor in my business and personal life.  I value and appreciate her advice, guidance and insight.  It has served me extremely well in all of my decision making, both short and long term.Virginia has the ability to see the vision I have in store for my projects and turn it into realistic timelines, achievable goals and help set in place financial forecast. Looking at the year at a glance is something I have never done previously, Virginia set me up for success and planned out each month accordingly.  Now I can see what small achievable goals need to be reached in order for me to create the life I desire.  This is an asset not many other mentors I have worked with have the skill set and patience required to make happen.

I highly recommend Virginia as a mentor and coach, she has changed the way I look at my business and I will be forever grateful.

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